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We Strive to Provide the Best Resources to Help

people address their addiction(s) and find a better way of life.
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Welcome to Tri State Treatment Connections, the experts in drug addiction treatment and recovery resources 

Our mission at Tri State Treatment Connections is to provide our communities with the very best resources for individuals seeking change and recovery. Our goal is to empower and motivate families and individuals to seek, and obtain sustainable, long-term recovery.


At Tri State Treatment connections we offer resources for people struggling with addiction. We recognize that addiction is a family disease and understand that many people are affected other then just the addict themselves. We strive to provide the best resources to help people address their addiction(s) and find a better way of life. We provide exceptional treatment resources  for those suffering from drug addiction.


We also work hand and hand with the families and loved ones to ensure that everyone has access to the help and resources they need. At Tri State Treatment connections we realize that not everyone’s story is the same, and we strive to identify the best resources and treatment for each and every person. No matter where a person is at in his or her addiction, we can offer hope. We take pride in not only helping people find a treatment plan and resources that will help them, but in following up and staying involved to try and ensure long term recovery and sobriety. Our commitment to the individual and their families/loved ones throughout the entire process of treatment and recovery is the hallmark of Tri State Treatment Connections.



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Treatment Placement

At Tri State Treatment Connections, we understand that finding a treatment center for substance abuse treatment can be difficult, but we are here to help. We work with treatment centers throughout the country and can assist anyone seeking help with finding the right treatment center. Learn More

Community Outreach

At Tri State Treatment connections, we dedicate ourselves to reaching out in the community and getting our message to anyone we can. Our staff is dedicated to recovery by sponsoring and running family groups, seminars, various fellowship meetings and sober events. Learn More


At Tri State Treatment Connections, we emphasize that treatment for the disease of addiction goes far beyond in-patient treatment. Our addiction recovery experts work hard to provide clients with the information they need to transition to a lower level of care. Learn More

Legal Services

Often times, many people struggling with addiction are also facing legal issues in their life. At Tri State Treatment Centers, we are here to help. We have attorneys on staff that can help you with legal issues throughout the entire process. Learn More


At Tri State Treatment Connections, we believe Detox is a crucial part of the recovery process. In most if not all cases, a person needs stabilization before he or she is ready for in-patient treatment. Learn More

Case Management

Case Management is one of the most important services we offer here at Tri State Treatment Connections. Our involvement starts before someone walks in the doors of a treatment facility and it continues long after his or her time at that facility is completed. Learn More